Our Story



Meet Our Awesome People
 Jimmy Shepherd/Co-Founder, Resident Musician
Jimmy started this company with a couple of low limit credit cards and a big dream. The first in his family to graduate from college, Jimmy went on to earn a doctorate in music from the University of Texas. He left teaching behind to move back to his home state of Kentucky to live the American dream!

Lauren Shepherd/Co-Founder, Resident Mathematician
Lauren has a big heart for making the world a better place. After teaching middle school and high school math for 9 years, she made the leap into the tee biz full time. Originally from Houston and a hardcore Longhorn fan, Lauren is the muscle behind the Thread Science brand, and ToyandTee.

Arielle Richard/Product and Campaign Development, Resident Scientist 
Arielle brings her expertise as a scientist/mother/military wife/artist to the ToyandTee team. She designs tees, contemplates science, potty trains her daughter, and builds fans of Thread Science on a regular basis.  Arielle is an all-around winner at life and at t-shirts!